Key Commands

KRISTAL allows a number of commonly-used commands and functions to be conveniently accessed via keyboard shortcuts.

Once you're familiar with them, these can help you to work much more quickly than by using the mouse alone.

General commands

These commands apply throughout the KRISTAL Audio Engine application:

[Ctrl] + NNew Project
[Ctrl] + OOpen Project
[Ctrl] + SSave Project
[Ctrl] + [Shift] + SSave Project As
[Ctrl] + QQuit
[F2]Transport Panel

Transport controls

These commands apply to the Transport Panel:

[Numpad 0]Stop
[Numpad *]Record
[Numpad ,]Locate Start
[Numpad 1]Jump to Left Locator
[Numpad 2]Jump to Right Locator
[Space]Toggle Play/Stop

KRISTAL Waver key commands

These commands apply to the KRISTAL Waver window (please note that the window must be in foreground for these commands to work):

[Ctrl] + ASelect all
[Ctrl] + DDeselect all
[Ctrl] + CCopy Selection
[Ctrl] + XCut Selection (to Clipboard)
[Ctrl] + VPaste from Clipboard to selected track
[Ctrl] + ZUndo
[Ctrl] + YRedo
[Del]Delete Selection
[1]Switch to Select tool
[2]Switch to Cut tool
[3]Switch to Glue tool
[P]Set Cycle to Selection
[Numpad 3]Jump to Selection
[H] or [Ctrl +]Zoom In
[G] or [Ctrl -]Zoom Out

VST Effects

Ctrl+Clicking the button in a mixer channel strip opens a generic 'editor' window for the selected VST Plug-In, ignoring any custom editor window provided by the Plug-In.