Past Interviews

It rarely happens that I give interviews. For the launch of Studio One 3 in 2015 we recorded video footage in a mastering studio in Hamburg. The session with Arnd Kaiser and myself was hosted by Russ Hughes from Production Expert.

  Studio One 3 Developer Interview - Part 1 of 3
  Studio One 3 Developer Interview - Part 2 of 3
  Studio One 3 Developer Interview - Part 3 of 3

In addition, we also created a short documentary on developing Studio One 3 at the (now old) PreSonus Software office.

  PreSonus Software - Developing Studio One 3

The Japanese distributor for PreSonus products MI7 interviewed Arnd and me at Musikmesse Frankfurt a few years back.

  Interview MI7 in Japanese

Here’s another one done by French online magazine AudioFanzine in 2013 published with the release of Studio One 2.5. The funny thing is it’s been done in English and translated to French, and then back from French to English.

  AudioFanzine met Studio One's technical director